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sixty four. King of Cups. From the midst in the wild sea of life sits the King of Cups on his throne of stone (serenity). He is buffeted by raging storms. The apparel of your king is blue (inner peace). His cloak is orange (like) having a pink border (ability). All-around his neck he wears a necklace which has a gold fish. He is definitely the king of wisdom and excellent inner emotion. In his correct hand he holds a golden chalice (wisdom) and in the remaining hand a golden scepter (power). He sticks to his knowledge and rules with electricity himself and his environment.

42. Six of Cash. A merchant gives two weak people a number of his wealth. He's standing plus the weak are sitting. He can act and so they not. The poor can not assist them selves. They can not rescue them selves from poverty. They want the assistance of the merchant. Only the merchant has the opportunity to which the poor may be saved.

Oracle = Nowadays will help you how of compassion. It frees you through the attachment in your suffering. It opens your heart and heals by yourself emotionally. Imagine more of Many others than to yourself. Focus a lot more on the struggling within your fellow guy than to your own personal struggling. Desire that all people on the planet are joyful. Stay for this target. A lousy male helps Yet another.

What is your issue? How could you address your problem? Live centered in oneself and exemplify generosity. Transfer one particular hand in blessing and Assume, "Might all persons be happy. May possibly the whole world be content."

Be delighted regarding your achievement. Rejoice your victory. Dedicate your victory to all beings. "I dedicate my achievement towards the pleasure of all beings. May well all people be satisfied. Could the whole world be satisfied."

32. Ten of Wands. The sky is blue. A powerful guy brings 10 large bars to his home. The person is dressed in inexperienced, the best way is eco-friendly and your house is environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly is the color of hope.

39. A few of Coins. A sculptor is Doing work in the church on an ornate column. The church is a image for God, for your lifetime in The sunshine, for the big purpose of enlightenment (Long lasting contentment). The column stands for the path to succeed in this goal. To do well, we want a very good prepare.

Oracle = The situation is tough. The path is hard to discover. Glance diligently at your problem, your fellow male and your individual choices.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus taught, that we must Restrict our worldly wants, if we don't want to be its victims. We must always outline our stage of adequate. We should think of the amount for us is essential on external things. We must always give it to us. And then we should come across contentment and Permit no other exterior wishes crop up in us. When they occur, we should overcome by optimistic wondering.

Oracle = Go forward playfully. Reside generally from The within out. Experience your interior spontaneous impulse. Who accurately life himself, will get by this Substantially internal strength and reaches his aim by the power of joy.

What Completely wrong dreams, attachments and fears are in her. A fifty percent moon shines to the sky higher than her. She will discover her way to her intention (joy) with a fantastic interior sense (instinct). In her arms she retains two swords, which demonstrate like two massive sensors into the still left and suitable top while in the sky. The swords are her feelers on the way in which to pleasure. The two swords to solve inner tensions are knowledge (a clear thoughts, very clear imagining) and a great emotion for oneself.

In the middle concerning Adam and Eve, rises the mountain of enlightenment. Above the hill appears God within a cloud. Higher than him shines a sizable Sunshine. The sun symbolizes the Electricity of God (the light). God life in the light and blesses us with light-weight (with spiritual good results).

The Queen is centered on the gold coin in her lap. She life in God, in the Necessities. She routines to recognize herself for a Goddess (Enlightened) and her world as being a paradise. Thus she awakes her Kundalini Electrical power, receives a paradise emotion of the globe close to her and turns into inwardly pleased.

Together with her appropriate hand she touches 9 golden coins, which lie on the bottom. She is surrounded by mature vines. The golden cash continued along with the vines symbolizes enlightenment, internal pleasure, a successful lifetime. She carries on her head a red cap. She goes the best way of all-embracing like and life being a Karma Yogini (Bodhisattva) for the intention of a contented planet. A small snail at her feet states bit by bit with compact techniques forward. The mastery with the thoughts is really a good distance.

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